Welcome to Kéfir

Ups! Are you seeing a practically white page with buttons that don't work? Javascript is blocked. Maybe you're using TOR or it's blocked for some other reason. Javascript runs code that does stuff and, even though in this web what we want to run on your computer is a pretty zoomable landscape that we've ade with lots of love and enthusiasm, in other situations javascript can be malevolant that does stuff that you don't want. All our sites and services are certified with SSL (you can check that looking at the url: there's an S after HTTP and, generally, a green lock) and all that javascript we load on our Kéfir site has an identifier (hash checksum) that doesn't let third parties modify the javascript file so that it does other stuff. You can check this by looking at the source code (ctrl + u in firefox) and looking at the integrity attribute in the header.

Kéfir = one of the oldest fermentations
in the Caucasus Mountains

Kéfir is a libre/free tech feminist co-op for activists, human right defenders, journalists, civil society organizations, collectives, artists... We want to help build safe and free (as in freedom) spaces in internet ... We need to create together digital neighborhoods where we can trust eachother, express and operate/trigger without fear (ง︡’-‘︠)ง

'kief'= 'to feel good'

Fermentations in constant transformation and day-to-day nurturing based on shared knowledge and narratives. That's how we conceived this project: a community and cosy ecosystem in which we transmit, create and walk together.

Our cooperative is made up of activists immersed in social movements related with libre software and culture, feminisms and critical social economy. Our background helps us understand the needs of the groups we work with.

We offer

# Collaborative workflows

Oh! I have an idea. I write it down in a collaborative document so others can contribute too. Go to https://pad.kefir.red

We keep on cooking and tweeking. In Loomio we can discuss and make decisions together. Learn about Loomio.

We create and assign tasks and calendars. Check out Nextcloud.

The project manager Kanboard can help us organise our time and distribute the workload.
Have a look at Kanboard.

# Communication

Oh! I have gossip. Send an email.

We offer email accounts and mailing lists. You can manage them in your computer and mobile devices. And also encrypted them with GnuPG

Want to make a call? Opt out of Skype! Switch to Mumble.

Stream live. Learn how.

# Digital neighborhoods

We host your site and use libre and secure web analytics. We don't use Google \m/_(>_<)_\m/

We also do pretty graphic design and develop platforms, software and apps.

# Collective care

We implement digital security protocols and techniques in order to mitigate attacks that are commonly targetted at activists groups. We use encryption and secure connections and we can help you learn too :)Ah! And we backup everything and give you a copy of your data.

# Support

We can lend a hand. It's not magic. It's a long-term path. We facilitate collective learning and [re]appropriation related to digital tech & we also do consultancy

Tend our garden

Instead of providing service packages for clients, we invite you to enjoy all of our digital ecosystem: mailing lists and accounts, web hosting, libre web statistics, online files, group calendars and tasks, voice calls, discussion groups and decision making, live streaming, project management... You're welcome to tend our garden with money-based contributions.


You can write us letters at a hola arroba kefir punto red. <3 Cífralo con GnuPG<3

Sometimes we launch paper airplanes or you can peek into our brews.

Buy us cool stuff in our Bazaar! We partner up with Latinaerican co-ops, for example, Luxa Xula, a printing and textile feminist collective in the South of Mexico. All benefits go to a common fund so we can tend our project and support groups that lack resources.