Use the arrows
Or your finger
Collaborative workflows
Oh! I have an
I in a collaborative
So others can contribute too
Go to
We keep
In Loomio we can
Learn about Loomio   
We create and assign
Learn about Nextcloud   
The project manager Kanboard can help us organise timings and tasks
Learn about Kanboard   
Oh! I have gossip
I send a
We offer email accounts and lists
You can administer them on your and
And encript them with GnuPG
Opt out
Learn about Mumble   
Stream live y
Digital neighbourhoods
We host your website
and use libre/free and safe stats
(we don't use Google Analytics)\m/_(>_<)_\m/
(we don't use Google)|m|_(>_<)_|m|
(no Google)\m/_(>_<)_\m/
( •_•)
We do pretty graphic design
and develop plataforms, software and apps
Collective care
We implement digital security protocols and techniques
in order to mitigate attacks
that are commonly targetted at activists groups
We use encryption and secure connections
and we can help you learn too :)
And we backup everything and give you a of your data
We can lend a hand
It's not magic
It's a long-term
We facilitate collective learning and [re]appropriation related to digital tech
& we also do consultancy
So, how can I be part of Kéfir?
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