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Kéfir is a libre/free tech feminist co-op for ...
human right defenders
civil society organizations
We want to help build safe and free (as in freedom) spaces in internet ...
We need to create together digital neighborhoods
where we can trust eachother, express and activate without fear
kéfir = one of the oldest fermentations in the Caucasus Mountains
'kief'= 'to feel good'
Fermentations in constant transformation and day-to-day nurturing based on shared knowledge and narratives.
That's how we conceive this project
a community and cosy ecosystem in which we transmit, create and walk together
Our cooperative is made up of activists immersed in social movements related with libre software and culture, feminisms and critical social economy.
Our background helps us understand the needs of the groups we work with.
So, what does Kéfir offer?
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