Ups! Are you just seeing a message that says wait and buttons that don't work? Javascript is blocked. Maybe you're using TOR or it's blocked for some other reason. Javascript runs code that does stuff and, even though in this web what we want to run on your computer is a pretty zoomable landscape that we've ade with lots of love and enthusiasm, in other situations javascript can be malevolant that does stuff that you don't want.

All our sites and services are certified with SSL (you can check that looking at the url: there's an S after HTTP and, generally, a green lock) and all that javascript we load on our Kéfir site has an identifier (hash checksum) that doesn't let third parties modify the javascript file so that it does other stuff. You can check this by looking at the source code (ctrl + u in firefox) and looking at the integrity attribute in the header.

I want to see the non-js version.

hold on a bit